High Tatras Valleys

Mengusovská dolina

Starting point:

Valley entry: from the railway station TEŽ - Popradské Pleso the asphalt road modrá to the chalet ChatA pri Popradskom plese, the trail červená from Štrbské Plesois alternative.

Valley length: 8 km

Points of interest:

  • the symbolic cemetery - popular memorial place devoted to victims of the High Tatras in 1 525 altitude. It was built in year 1936 with the motto „In memory of dead men, warning for alive".
  • the Popradské mountain lake divides the valley into the Zlomisková valley on the northeast and the Mengusovská valley on the northwest side
  • the Mengusovská valley belongs to the most beautiful and largest valleys on the south side of the High Tatras
  • the north part of the valley divides into valleys: Hincová and Žabích plies
  • the chalet - Chata pod Rysmi is the highest located in the High Tatras in 2 250 altitude; although open only in summer season
  • at the end of the Hincova kotlina under the Kôprovský peak the biggest and deepest mountain lake (20, 08 hectare large and 57, 3 meters deep) - is located. Its length is 740 meters and width 370 meters and it is located in 1 946 altitude. On the average 270 days in a year its water-surface is covered by ice.

Peaks nearby:

  • Rysy (2 499,6 m) - the border crossing between the Slovakia and Poland
  • Veľký Mengusovský štít (2 438 m)
  • Východný Mengusovský štít (2 398 m)
  • Prostredný Mengusovský štít (2 393 m)
  • Hincova veža (2 372 m)
  • Čubrina (2 371 m)
  • Kôprovský štít (2 367 m)
  • Mengusovský volovec (2 227 m)

Located in the valley: Chata pri Popradskom plese, Chata pod Rysmi, Majláthova chata

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