The tourist settlement is located at the west side of the High Tatars under the majestic peak Kriváň (2495), which became symbol of Slavs and Slovak freedom. Podbanské (940 altitude) as the part of the village Pribylina is situated at the border between the High and West Tatras.
Originally a mining settlement was founded in the 15th century. Later it transformed into a shepherd community with first housing for tourists. In the 19th century the water sawmills and treadmills were built for grinding bark for the factory in Liptovský Hrádok. One century later first tourist lodging house was built. It is considered as the tourism start. Podbanské is not only tourism center, but also the small ski resort on the present.

What does Podbanské offer?


  • Museum of Liptov village in Pribylina (12 km away) – it offers buildings from overflowed area Liptovská Mara and several Liptov villages.
  • Village museum Važec (15 km away) – focused on village history with folkloric traditions as well as cultural history Važec figures.
  • Ethnographical Liptov museum in Liptovský Hrádok (24 km away) –joins the ethnographical museum of Liptov folks.

Cultural monuments

  • Maša Liptovský Hrádok (24 km away) – it offers Liptov mining and metallurgy expositions, which document gold mining in Kriváň, Magurka and in the Bocianska valley as well as iron mining and using.
  • Považská logging railway in Liptovský Hrádok (24 km away) – the mobiliari of the longest Čiernovážska logging railway is situated here. This railway track Lipt. Hrádok – Lipt. Teplička was cancelled 31.12.1971 for economical reasons.

For more information (expositions, calendar, opening hours, entrance fees, maps) check muzeum.sk


  • Važecká jaskyňa (15 km away) – situated at the river Biely Váh on the west side of Važec. It is the most important paleontological field of cave bear bones. A cave bear was bigger and heavier in contemporary with today´s brown bear. His dummy is situated in the cave.

For more information about cave (opening hours, entrance fees, contact, cave entry) check ssj.sk

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