Štrbské Pleso

Štrbské Pleso (1350 altitude) is situated on the south side of the mountain lake Štrbské pleso, originally formed as a hiking centre. It is the centre for tourism, winter sports and top sports of northern disciplines.
The tourism development has started in 19th century, when first hotels, pensions, restaurants, sanatoriums and others were built. Štrbské Pleso became the curative resort in the year 1885. In the year 1896 the first unique cogged railway was built from Štrba to Štrbské Pleso with super elevation of 421 meters and the length of 4740 meters. The World Championship in the year 1970 brought a lot of changes in the settlement. In the Mlynická valley the ski resort FIS and top sport hotel complex were built.
Štrbské Pleso offers many interesting tourist tips, the Mengusovská valley, the mountain hotel at Popradské pleso and its neighbor the Symbolic Cemetery are some of them.

What does Štrbské Pleso offer?


  • Village museum Važec (15 km away) - focused on village history with folkloric traditions as well as cultural history Važec figures.

For more information (expositions, calendar, opening hours, entrance fees, maps) check muzeum.sk


  • Važecká jaskyňa (15 km away) – situated at the river Biely Váh on the west side of Važec. It is the most important paleontological field of cave bear bones. A cave bear was bigger and heavier in contemporary with today´s brown bear. His dummy is situated in the cave.

For more information about cave (opening hours, entrance fees, contact, cave entry) check ssj.sk

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