Transport in High Tatras

Transport in High Tatras


Since 18.6. 2009 new bus-line is open between Poprad and Zakopané (PL), timetable can be found here: cestovny-poriadok-poprad-zakopane.pdf.

Tatra Electric Railways (indicated as TEŽ) and Cog Railway (indicated as OŽ) in High Tatras

How to use it

Rail Travel Self-Service System Rail Travel Self-Service System
The trains are marked with a pictogram of the stamping machine. You board these trains with a travel ticket purchased in advance. Immediately after getting on the train, you shall validate the ticket in the time/date stamping machine by inserting the ticket into the right part of the opening as indicated by the arrow, with the top of the ticket upwards.

You have to use one of the following types of tickets in trains with rail travel self service system: national and international travel tickets issued by electronic devices or hand written travel tickets that are issued for a concrete date of the journey and block travel tickets that become valid when marked in a stamping machine on a concrete train on the concrete day.
Self-service system is based on the principle of purchasing the travel ticket before getting into the train.

The travel ticket has to be validated aboard the train in a time / date-stamping device!

Block Travel Ticket Block Travel Ticket (BCL)
The points of sale of Block Tickets are distinctively marked by the sticker saying „Sale of Block Travel Tickets for TEŽ and OŽ“ (Predaj blokových cestovných lístkov na TEŽ a OŽ) The Block Travel Tickets are pre-paid tickets for any journey on the given line and for a nonspecified day. They become valid when marked in a stamping machine on a concrete train on the concrete day. TEŽ lines are divided into four zones and the OŽ line is divided into three zones. Please validate your block travel tickets (BCL) according to the number of zones you intend to travel through.

Types of Block Travel Tickets

  • BCL with a nominal value of 0,32 € / 9,64 Sk (regular fare for 1 zone / reduced fare for 2 zones)
  • BCL with a nominal value of 0,16 € / 4,82 Sk (reduced fare for 1 zone)
  • BCL with a nominal value of 0,64 € / 1,28 Sk (regular fare for 2 zones / reduced fare for 4 zones)
  • BCL with a nominal value of 0,17 € / 5,12 Sk (fare for elderly citizens over 70 years, separately for TEŽ and separately for OŽ)

When using the block tickets (BCL), please find out the number of zones from your departure to thedestination station and stamp the proper number of zones accordingly.

table of zones TEŽ

table of zones OŽ

Which travel tickets have to be validated?

  • Block Travel Tickets
  • national and international travel tickets issued by electronic devices or hand-written

How to validate the ticket

  • one-way tickets shall be validated once, immediately after boarding the train; they are not validated again after you change trains
  • return tickets shall be validated separately for the journey to the destination and for the journey back (both on the top side of the ticket)
  • season tickets for students and season tickets for certain lines shall be validated only once at the first journey
  • Block Travel Tickets (BCL) shall be validated separately for TEŽ and OŽ lines

Where is it posible to buy a travel ticket

The travel tickets can be purchased in the railway booking-offices, or in ticket vending machines at stations.Block Travel Tickets (BCL) are now available with contracted sellers - in hotels, newsstands, and in railway booking-offices. Block Travel Tickets can be obtained in advance of your journey, without time limit for any journey and any day.

Contracted sellers of Block Travel Tickets


Grocery Šerfel, Čsl. armády 64/80, Štrba

Tatranská Štrba

Hotel RYSY, Tatranská Štrba

Štrbské Pleso

Bookshop JAVOR


Hotel SOREA Baník

Popradské Pleso

Mountain hotel Popradské Pleso

Vyšné Hágy

Slovak post

Nová Polianka

Slovak post

Tatranská Polianka

Sanatorium Dr. Guhra, Tatranská Polianka

Tatranské Zruby

Soldierly sanatorium a hotel Tatranské Zruby


Villa SIESTA, Nový Smokovec 88

Nový Smokovec

Privat guest house DELTA, Nový Smokovec 48


Health resort Nový Smokovec, a.s., recepcia LD PALACE


Guest house GERLACH, Nový Smokovec IV/40

Starý Smokovec

Slovak post


MEDIAPRESS-Poprad, spol. s r.o. newsstand  Starý Smokovec


TIK Information office Vysoké Tatry

Dolný Smokovec

Slovak post


Bufet – Šrobárov ústav detskej TaRCH, Dolný Smokovec 69


Guest house VALAŠKA, Dolný Smokovec 18

Nová Lesná

Slovak post

Veľký Slavkov

Slovak post


newsstand, ul. Tatranská, Veľký Slavkov

Pekná Vyhliadka

Sportcentrum GALFY, Horný Smokovec 30


Hotel POĽANA, Horný Smokovec 14

Horný Smokovec

Hotel SOREA Skalnička

Tatranská Lesná

Guest house KARPATIA, Tatranská Lesná

Tatranské Matliare

Soldierly health resort - reception, Tatranské Matliare

Tatranská Lomnica

Slovak post


TIK Information office Vysoké Tatry


Hotel SOREA Urán


MEDIAPRESS-Poprad,  s r.o. newsstand – Tatranská Lomnica


Hotel HUBERT, Gerlachov 302

Block Travel Ticket


For more informations, please call: 18 188

Timetables from 12.12.2010

Timetable Štrba - Štrbské Pleso, Starý Smokovec - Tatranská Lomnica

Timetable Poprad-Tatry - Starý Smokovec - Štrbské Pleso

Timetable Poprad-Tatry - Studený Potok - Tatranská Lomnica

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